«To prohibit testimony which could affect that decision simply

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Canada Goose Outlet Sale New York State’s Court of Appeals said ordering Manhattan based reporter Jana Winter to testify in a Colorado court, where she would be asked to reveal her sources, would undermine New York’s long history of freedom of the press.»Safeguarding the anonymity of those who provide information in confidence is perhaps the core principle of New York’s journalistic privilege, as is evident from our colonial tradition, the constitutional text and the cheap canada goose legislative history of the Shield Law,» Judge Victoria Graffeo wrote for the court.Fox News called the 6 1 decision a victory for journalism, while defense lawyers for accused mass murderer James Holmes feared the ruling could have dire implications for their client.»This is a death penalty case in which the credibility of Cheap Canada Goose law enforcement witnesses may determine whether a man lives or dies,» said Daniel Arshack, Holmes’ attorney. «To prohibit testimony which could affect that decision simply shocks the conscience.»Because Winter lives and works in New York, the case was heard in state court in Manhattan, which ruled in Holmes’ favor, as did the mid level appeals court. Even so, the difference in New York and Colorado state laws worked in Winter’s favor on Tuesday Canada Goose Outlet Sale.

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