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No, that is no overstatement, because 81 episodes (over a full hour each) allows for characters to be given heaping amounts of development that makes them multi dimensional (even fallen comrades from the earlier episodes are never forgotten). Near the beginning it somewhat easy to distinguish the «good guys» from the «bad guys», but as the series progresses it adds dimensions that ultimately result in haphazard classifications between «protagonists» and «antagonists.» Some of the «good guys» will do «bad things» while some of the «bad guys» will do «good things.» This will throw the viewer off guard, because at first the added dimensions may seem unwarranted, but over time these characters will express their actions within the light of logical decision making. The most impressive player, however, is the main protagonist (Jumong), who is sculpted into a truly charismatic, convincing leader who understands when to fight and when to express humility and passiveness.

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