I will note that Siren is ever so slightly cheaper than

FREE — Rio de Janeiro


> Rental of plastic tables and chairs

We have towels and ghosts of various colors

?We have scales and filtered ice
(only added to the rental of tables and chairs)
< br> Promotional prices for events from Monday to Thursday

Consult prices, do not lose customer

We make small freights

Phone and whatsapp to contact: > ? 96435-8906 0u 97273-3426 (New)

* For other districts * Marechal Hermes, Bento Ribeiro, Oswaldo Cruz, Vila Valqueite, Sulacap, Mallet, Madureira, Pra?a Seca, Taquara * check values ??in advance

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Hermes Replica Birkin 1. Paris Hilton Siren was also widely compared to Viva La Juicy, and I meant to try Siren and Christian Audigier together, but life is short. I will note that Siren is ever so slightly cheaper than Christian Audigier, but if you shop the discounters, you can find the Viva La Juicy itself for a reasonable price as of this writing, a 50 ml bottle is $51 at FragranceX. In this case, it might be worth saving your pennies for the real thing. Hermes Replica Birkin

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Hermes Replica Handbags Crackers, breaded shrimp and cheese
R $ 23 — Rocha Miranda, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Attention by zap: 96976- 7129 or fixed: 3390-2534

Codfish, buying 2 packs of 1kg (comes in an average of 40 units), in the appetizer size, for only R $ 46,00 (promotion only in cash); or 1 pack of codfish and the other of No card — R $ 28,00 each
Shrimp breaded with catupiry, buying 2 packs of 1kg (comes in average of 25 units), large, for only R $ 46, 00 (promotion only in cash); or 1 pack of shrimp and another one of No cookie card — R $ 28,00 each
Feijoada dumpling, pack of 1kg (comes in an average of 50 units), for only R $ 20,00 (cash only ),

Kit 4×1 cheese (are 3 types of provolone, 1 salami and 1 toothpick),
Braid with garlic or Braid with dry tomato, the piece comes In the carton — R $ 35,
Provolone dehydrated,

We deliver with a small fee according to the neighborhood, via Hermes Replica Handbags

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Replica Hermes IPhone 5S 16GB Space Gray — Excellent condition
$ 750 — Rio de Janeiro


I am selling iPhone 5S 16GB Gray Space

The phone is in excellent condition and does not present use marks, as it has always been used with cover and
It accompanies the original box, phone in the original box and charger
iCloud in my name, at the time of purchase the phone will be
I do not accept exchanges of any nature, just
Contact inbox or whatsapp: (21) 97022-0451 Replica Hermes

Replica Hermes Bags Vitamin D is found in some food, including oily fish and fortified spreads. However, most of our vitamin D comes from safe sun exposure during the summer. It is hard to get the daily amount of vitamin D needed from food, so since the summer of 2016, health officials say most adults and children aged 4 and over should consider taking supplements containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D every day during autumn and winter. Replica Hermes Bags

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